About us

Young People drive positive change to transform their communities.

We empower young people through positive engagement that promotes a shared sense of belonging in the community; a commonality of purpose and real ability to effect change, so that they make a difference in their personal lives and in the communities in which they live.

We work with young people to:

– Enthuse them to be more involved as they too are stakeholders in their community;
– Bridge the inter-generational gap;
– Encourage team work and remove the fear of failure or intimidation;
– Build self-efficacy to access education, employment and training;
– Empower them to say no to negative peer pressure and make healthy choices;
– Enable and train young community leaders and build their communities volunteering capacity.

What We Do
Rooted within these contiguous communities, the trustees employ and manage qualified, able and credible youth workers who are dedicated to making change happen by facilitating and supporting young people within their own community and family environment so that young people become positive contributors on their own doorsteps and also bridge the gap between home and school.
So if you…
– Are worried about a young person
– Want help setting up a community project
– Want an issue based workshop in your school/project
– Need help with your CV
– Need a friendly ear
– Want to get involved in youth work
– Want to attend our sessions
– Would like 121 support

Then don’t hesitate, get in touch!