Projects, Workshops & Events

Along side our normal sessions with the gazebo, we also offer other more focussed projects. Below are some of the current projects we have. Contact the team to get involved or to know more about what we do.

A chance for those who want to build on their youth leadership skills. Click below to see who they are, what they do and how you can get involved.

Does exactly that! Youth led, taboo topics discussed. These activities are delivered by one of our Youth Ambassadors. Helping to open minds, develop understanding and grow as a person.

Active Reach
A sports and welfare project delivered throughout the pandemic. For families who have run out of ideas to stay active. Each pack contains over 40 activities and exercises with all the equipment provide completely free.

This project brings a different take of cannabis consumption among young people all about raising awareness of how they’re targeted in modern day drug culture and the lure of illegal leisure’s. Also available as a workshop!

Guiding A New Generation – a project that is changing the perception of life on road and challenging the lure of quick money, status and crime. Takes an in depth look at the ideology of ‘Trapping’,

This is a 3-day course that takes groups of young people out of their familiar settings and challenges them to consider how their identities and influences impact their lifestyle & choices.

Intergenerational one-off projects to build community cohesion and provide safety net for young people (e.g. during Covid – young people provided care packs and organised doorstep Bingo for the house- bound elderly and isolated).

An exciting new project….
Run by young people, for young people, the Youth voice steering group works to make things better by listening to the key issues and working to bring about change. For more information and to apply hit the button below! A partnership between…
Abingdon Town Council X Damascus X TAB

Looking for Education, Employment and Training
A bespoke project often delivered through 121 work through an on going basis that helps young people back into opportunities to achieve their goals.

In The Pipeline…

  • Healthy Support Networks
  • Alternative-Self-Defence (ASD)
  • Money-making workshops
  • Point-of-view podcast

We have a wide range of alternative educational and training workshops available to both young people and other professionals that can all be tailored to suit your needs. If you would like us to deliver one of our workshops to your your people or staff then please contact the team using the details on the Get In Touch page!

Bringing a different take on cannabis consumption among young people all about raising awareness of how they’re targeted in modern day drug culture.

Healthy Relationships
A workshop aimed to highlight the signs of a healthy relationship, manage conflict and improve communication skills. This workshop has been praised for its LGBTQ+ inclusivity by recipients.

Money Management
This workshop looks at understanding debt, finance and the cost of living and moving out, something that often take our young people by surprise.

Sexual Health
This workshop looks at improving teen sexual health, contraception and responsibilities. This aims to promote being sex positive and reducing the stigma and pressure for young people.

Substance Misuse
A more general look at substances from class A drugs to legal drugs. Looks at behaviour changes and dangers of drug use. This workshop is very interactive and gives a lot of opportunity for discussions.

Up & coming events will posted here. Please check our gallery to see images from previous events!