Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

Confidentiality – What does it mean?

Sometimes you may tell us things you don’t want anyone else to know.  We always try and respect that you don’t want others to know.  However, sometimes when we feel it is an emergency and are very worried about your safety or someone else’s safety, we will need to tell someone about what is happening.  Most of the time young people are pleased we do this as it helps in the long run.  

If this is the case, there is a way that we can request your phone number or IP address (a number unique to your computer) which means that we can get help to you.  We have strict guidelines about when we can do this and we would always try and talk to you first, before we pass this information on to an outside agency.

The DAMASCUS team is trained to listen and help with most issues you may have.  We would always tell you first if we were going to talk to other professionals about you, and give you as much control as possible.  We understand the sort of situations you might be in. The last thing we want to do is make things worse for you. DAMASCUS is here to listen and support you.

Disclaimer:  We cannot give you any medical advice – we may be able to help sign post you to doctors or clinics but will usually suggest you see your GP. If you’re looking for information on issues to do with drugs and alcohol we could help hook you up with a local project.  We also have loads of useful links we can send you. If you’re feeling really down and are not sure what to do we may require more information so we can put you in touch with the right support – we are not qualified to give you mental health advice however we could put you in touch with the right people – see links for more information.  Your message will be kept confidential unless the message raises a concern about harm to you or others. Then we may need to pass that information on.


Data Protection: The information you supply will be used by the Abingdon Damascus Youth Project for administrative and safeguarding purposes within the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998. We shall not supply it to third parties unless we feel there is a safeguarding issue.

You can also read our full Data Protection, Use and Storage Policy.