Tools Of Our Trade

Street Work

Street Work has always been at the heart of our work. Often our first point of contact with young people it allows us a unique opportunity to work ‘on their turf’. The team are out most evenings walking the streets and engaging those most disengaged from other support services.  

Gazebo Sessions

Our trusty gazebo gets taken everywhere! A mobile pop-up youth club you could say. This allows us into the heart of the community and offers a great focal point for local residents. Being on the streets with our gazebo means we bump into more than just young people – adults regularly come over to find out just what is going on!

Drop-in Sessions

Here at ADYP we have done away with the standard pool table and ping pong style drop- in youth club. Our drop-ins are far more about challenging perceptions, oppressions and supporting our young people to become the best possible change makers in their community.

Intergenerational Work

A firm favourite among both the team and young people! ADYP prides itself on bridging the intergenerational age gap in our communities. From Door Step Bingo to Tea Parties our young people do it all! One of our favourite quotes from a young person – “ A five min walk to the shop now takes me twenty mins because I chat to all the elderly residents on my way”.


We offer bespoke one to one work to all our young people. It comes in many forms from conquering our fears to a simple walk and talk. The team are always there to offer support.

Sport & Wellbeing

As a project we are fortunate to be partnered with so many great organisations and people that can provide specialist skills on top of that we have two brilliant coaches ourselves in the team. There really isn’t much better then a warm summers evening and a big game of rounders!  

LEET – Looking for Education, Employment or Training

We prefer the term ‘Looking’ rather that ‘Not in’ here at ADYP. We regularly support young people back in to education, employment or training – even in a lock down through our computer screens!

Issue Based Workshops

The team have made their own fun, inclusive and interactive workshops on topics like Substance Abuse, Emotional Intelligence, Sexual health plus many, many more! Contact the team if you would like us to deliver one for your organisation or school!

What We Do

Rooted within these contiguous communities, the trustees employ and manage qualified, able and credible youth workers who are dedicated to making change happen by facilitating and supporting young people within their own community and family environment so that young people become positive contributors on their own doorsteps and also bridge the gap between home and school.

So if you…
– Are worried about a young person
– Want help setting up a community project
– Want an issue based workshop in your school
– Need help with your CV
– Need a friendly ear
– Want to get involved in youth work
– Want to attend our sessions
– Need one to one support

Then don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Our Vision, Mission, Aim

Young People drive positive change to transform their communities.

We empower young people through positive engagement that promotes a shared sense of belonging in the community; a commonality of purpose and real ability to effect change, so that they make a difference in their personal lives and in the communities in which they live.

We work with young people to:

– Enthuse them to be more involved as they too are stakeholders in their community;
– Bridge the inter-generational gap;
– Encourage team work and remove the fear of failure or intimidation;
– Build self-efficacy to access education, employment and training;
– Empower them to say no to negative peer pressure and make healthy choices;
– Enable and train young community leaders and build their communities volunteering capacity.